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Dear Readers,

It’s been a little while since “City Dreams” came out and I thought I should tell you that, yes, I have been busy working on new material! Here’s a small sample:

Untitled Work in Progress

For this work, I’ve been focused on making a clean ambient sound. This should be the kind of music that can sit in the background while you study, sleep, or meditate. And, so far, I’m pretty happy with the results. That said, I’m still very much in the initial creation and mixing phase of my workflow – so I don’t yet have a target release time or any more details about the album.

My main focus, in creating the cleaner sound, has been in improving my mixing. I’ve largely focused on doing better with equalizers and, in some cases, attempted to apply a more standard song structure. My plan is to avoid drums in this release or, if they are added, having a minimal amount of them. What I want is to have a mostly free-flowing piano lead with a variety of ambient drones and strings in the background to invoke a nice sense of calm.

As for other techniques, I’m using a limited amount of compression, a variety of delay and reverb techniques, and a whole lot of shimmer. (See: I don’t have too many third-party plugins but that one is definitely one of my favorites!

Anyway, I wanted to share some updates because I’m excited about this future release!



Dear Readers,

On February 1, I learned about something called the RPM Challenge. At first, I thought, “This looks cool, I’ll try it next year.” I already had music lined up for release at the end of February and felt like I was pretty busy trying to prep for that.

Later that same day, I signed my name to the list.

I decided that it didn’t make sense to wait for 2022 and that I would rather push myself now while I’m definitely motivated and need to find ways to get my music out there. This challenge also presented an opportunity for me to push my own boundaries and explore something new!

So, with that, I’m extremely happy and proud to report that I have a second album titled “Exodus” queued for release! It is available on Bandcamp now, and it will be available on streaming platforms on or around March 5!

This six track album is the result of many, many hours of hard work for the RPM Challenge where I gave myself one goal: tell a story with a sci-fi theme. (Maybe that’s two goals…) I wanted to feel danger, loss, and hope come through in the music in a way that I did not target in the first album.

For your listening, here is song five from the release titled “Lost”. And if you want to something to read while listening, check out “The Caretaker” by Kate Landers.

Lost by Achira

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